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Member of The Heavy Hitters / Mixshow DJ on Chicago's 104.3 Jams / Official DJ for Rapper DMX

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Born and raised on Chicago’s north side, DJ NonStop first was introduced to his craft in 1984. Always the consummate b-boy and a member of Chicago's legendary graffiti crew ABC, he would listen to deejays on the radio while he and his crew were breakdancing. On one occasion, the deejay cutoff the song before the break came in, and since that time, he has taken matters into his own hands.

DJ NonStop began deejaying parties in Chicago and soon became a regular deejay for many concert/parties that were held around the city. He knew he had found his calling, when in a city where the locals stick with their own, DJ NonStop found himself rocking parties on every side of town.

In 1993, DJ NonStop embarked on one of his most successful professional ventures as the deejay of a popular Hip Hop/Dance group called K-7 signed to Tommy Boy Records. They went on to tour internationally and sell over 1,000,000 copies with two gold singles in the U.S.

Always looking to expand his horizons, DJ NonStop entered the mixtape game with his first mixtape 90’s School of Hip Hop. He made real headway with his follow up tape 80’s School of Hip Hop which he sold over 6,000 copies out of the trunk of his car. Since that time, he has garnered more street acclaim with the success of his Club Banger Mixtape Series that highlights his gift for blending and his keen ear for the hottest music.

In 2003, DJ NonStop continued breaking down industry doors when he became a mixer for Chicago's own B96. NonStop, may be his deejay name, but also seems to be his philosophy on life. His relentless pursuit for excellence in his craft also led him to become the deejay/Hype Man for Def Jam/Ruff Ryder recording artist DMX (who has sold over 20 million units) as well as a member of the world famous Heavy Hitters Crew. A resident of Chicago’s Big Station WGCI & IHeartradio for 10 years, as of Jan 1st 2018 - DJ NonStop can now be heard on the newly launched, 104.3 JAMS, which is now the #1 station for throwbacks.

DJ NonStop maintains balance in his fast-paced life that his name describes, with genuine appreciation for what he does. “I’m still a student after twenty plus years,” he professes. It is this dedication paired with his sincere humility that distinguishes DJ NonStop from his contemporaries. His motto is “I speak with my hands”.